1How to use the bottle for the first time?
All you need to do is ensure the filter is wet through and flush once to activate it. We suggest the first time you use a new filter you fill the bottle up and turn it upside down, submerging the filter for 15 minutes. Then gently squeeze out the contents until the water runs clear. We have created a short video showing how to activate your filter.
2How does the bottle ‘save the planet’
By choosing a Droppure water filtration bottle you reduce plastic pollution and save resources. Pollution caused by millions of plastic water bottles floating in our oceans damages wildlife and the planetary ecosysytem. Making just one Droppure water bottle instead of a hundred single use single-use plastic water bottles preserves valuable natural resources. Huge quantities of oil, water and other materials are used in the manufacturing and shipping process of single-use bottles. At the end of their lives, only 12% of plastic bottles are recycled!
3How much per litre would water cost via your bottles?
Each litre of water from Droppure water bottle would cost around 50 Paise. Click here for more information on the calculation.
4Do you have testing reports?
Yes. You can view these on our website, We have been tested internationally and government of India funded renowned laboratories in India.
5Where is the product manufactured?
All Droppure water filtration products are designed partially in the USA and India and are completely manufactured in the India.


1How much does the bottle weigh?
The 550ml bottle weighs 98g (empty with dry filter). The 750ml bottle weighs 138g (empty with dry filter).
2What is BPA?
BPA ( or bisphenol A) is a carbon based compound that is widely used to make plastic based products including CDs and water bottles. There has been a lot of research done to indicate that BPA poses a serious risk to humans and the environment. Find out more about BPA at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bisphenol_A
3Are Droppure water filtration products BPA free?
Yes; all the product components (bottles, lids and filters) are BPA free and all materials used are thoroughly tested by internationally recognized labs in India. Our core guiding principles (see Our Mission. ) are to protect people and the planet. Please visit our testing reports section for more information
4My bottle keeps making a ‘tweeting’ noise… How do I stop this?
This noise is caused by the ‘breather valve’. Simply unscrew the lid, turn upside down, gently move the bottom part of the breather (a mushroom shaped dome) up and down, two or three times; this will cure the problem.


1What are the filtration technologies Droppure water filtration product uses?
Droppure uses three different technologies forged together in one filter to filter over 99.9% of all contaminants in water and consists of: A) Filter medium with one of the smallest pores sizes ever developed for water filtration B) The traditional technology of activated carbon particles (that reduce bad taste and odours) used within the filter medium so that it is much more effective as there is less adhesive holding the carbon in place thereby providing a greater surface area for the carbon to work C) The medium releases a positive hydrostatic charge when it comes into contact with the water No other water filter technology combines these three technologies and delivers results at low cost.
2Can I use other liquids in the bottle other than water?
This may reduce the efficiency and lifespan of the filter; however if you want to use your Droppure bottle to carry other liquids, you could simply unscrew the filter, take it out, and use the bottle as a standard sports drink bottle.
3Will the filter clean urine?
This is a frequently asked question – and whilst the filter could be used to filter urine in extreme emergencies, Droppure strongly recommends against filtering and consuming urine.
4Do you filter Fluoride?
Yes. See our testing results. Our filters use both alumina nano technology and carbon to filter out fluoride.
5Do you filter Chlorine?
Yes. Recent tests show that Droppure filters reduce the amount of chlorine in the water to below detectable levels. You can see our testing results,also you can taste the difference when you drink from a Droppure filtered water bottle.

Get Involved

1Can you brand the bottles for charities and companies?
Yes; we can make bespoke bottles using your logos. We have done this for several large organizations and charities able to guarantee a large initial order to cover the design costs of putting your logo on a Droppure bottle. For more information please contact info@droppure.com
2Can I be a stockist?
Droppure is currently looking for additional stockists in India and Abroad. For more information please contact info@droppure.com, and one of our team will help you with details of minimum order quantities.
3Can I be a distributor?
Droppure is looking for additional distributors in some territories around the World. These are typically established businesses able to commit to a long term business plan. For more information, please e-mail info@droppure.com